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CHCS Membership For Those Working Outside Great Britain

Whilst CHCS is basically a professional society for those working in Great Britain, there are many members of CHCS working other countries: Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland in Europe, and also in the USA and Australia.

In most of these countries no equivalent professional Society is known to exist, or the training offered by CHCS is not available.

CHCS welcomes members from outside the United Kingdom, but no subscription reduction is made for overseas members since the cost of administering these memberships is the same as for members based in the United Kingdom.

The language of the Society is English, and no translation facilities are provided.

All CHCS services, including Membership, Training, Seminars, and Webinars, are VAT Standard rated, and invoices will include UK VAT. Invoices may be VAT Zero-rated as Intra-Community supplies if, and only if, all these three conditions are met:

  • the invoice is addressed to a "VAT Registered Person" at a location in an EU country, outside the UK;

  • CHCS holds on file a valid VAT Registration Number (VRN) for that Person (real or legal) at the time the invoice is initially raised;

  • the country of that VRN is the same as the country to which the invoice is addressed.

All CHCS invoices, including those for Membership fees, must be paid in £sterling (GBP) for the full value of the invoice. All transmission charges must be paid by the sender. CHCS will pay only those charges levied by CHCS's own bank for receipt of the funds.

It is the sole responsibility of Members and/or those paying invoices on their behalf to ensure that any VAT Registration information required is made available to CHCS. Where no verifiable VAT Registration Number is given by the applicant, VAT will be applied to all invoices.

For more information please contact the CHCS Office.

Any shortfall in the amount received by CHCS's bank will be held as the personal responsibility of the member or applicant regardless of who actually makes the payment.

Access to the public areas of the CHCS Web site at http://www.chcs.org.uk , and to the e-mail based 'Questions and Answers' Forum, are free, and currently are not conditional on CHCS membership, though CHCS reserves the right to make it so. CHCS members can access other useful information on the password protected member’s area of the web site.

Revised December 2015

Chemical Hazards Legislation Support

The Chemical Hazards Communication Society provides a number of services to assist those who need to stay up-to-date with this diversity of national and international regulations. CHCS organises a training course for Safety Data Sheet writers, symposia on a broad range of chemical hazard related topics and provides an e-mail Forum where information can be exchanged and questions asked and answered.